• Only one connection per account. You may not use your account on multiple devices at the same time, even if it’s the same household. It’s fine to use on multiple devices as long as it is never used simultaneously.
  • Forbidden to share their account to friends, family, etc.
  • You are responsible for ensuring that the account does not fall into the wrong hands
  • To jump quickly between IP addresses is prohibited as this is not considered normal use
  • To restreama our channels are totally prohibited
  • To record one channel while watching another channel is forbidden, then you use double bandwidth and just cause the same damage to us as if you had looked at two devices simultaneously.
  • Do not use the VPN when most VPN IP is already blacklisted with us because of abuse. If you choose to use VPN so you are responsible for this and we can not help you if your account is suspended due to abuse

Rules for Trial Accounts
In addition to the above also applies:

  • Only one application per household
  • Apply NOT behind a VPN
  • DO NOT fill in the application form once more, but it has been a mistake, please email us at [email protected] we will correct this.
  • Sample account comes from the second you get it in your inbox, as well as 24 H ahead. You are responsible to look in your spam then it’s very common for our email ends up there. Search no trial account if you do not have time to use it, you get nothing new later that you missed or did not have time to use it. Bandwidth costs us money, so please respect this.
  • Do NOT email accounts intended for single use, mailinator, fake email generator, stromox, zainmax, Zain and others.
  • Do not email us with inquiries about when your trial account becomes clear

General Questions

Can I use my subscription to multiple devices at the same time?
No, it is strictly prohibited. You may use your subscription to one device at a time, even if the other units in the same household.

Can I bring my subscription or my box abroad, my vacation rental?
Yes absolutely, as long as you have an internet connection

How do I remove the adult channels?
It is possible to do this. To do this it must be notified before your order is processed.
Add an order
Before you pay email and mention that you do not want to have adult channels
Pay your order
You now get a subscription without adult channels.
Note that the same process must be repeated extension otherwise these channels back