Instructions for TViP S-Box 410

These instructions are written for 410, but is similar to other models.

  1. Plug everything and start box
    2. Select your language and time zone and complete the update of the box to the latest software
    3. The box reboots after the update
    4. Select Settings and then Network
    5. Write down the MAC address (Please check that it is the same on the box)
    6. Go to TV in the left menu and change the settings so that it becomes like this:
    Stream Source: Multicast

UDPXY server:
Buffering the MPEG-TS, msec: 5000
DVR Storage: No storage
TimeShift storage: Internal Storage
Auto-timeshifting: Off
Content Source: Web Portal
Below Content Source: Web Portal is a button that says Setup Web portal. Click on it
and adjust the following settings:
Portal URL
Portal Manager: Off
Use Web portal: Whole System
Then press Apply.

NOTE! Some newer TVs have trouble synchronizing Refresh Rate (Hertz / FPS) with the box and then you can get the so-called FPS lag. You can solve this by going to Settings – Display and setting HDMI Auto Framerate ON

The MAC address you wrote down, is being used if you are requesting for a trial account or to activate your subscription.
Ensure the correct spelling when you write it down or else they may take up to 3 days for us to correct this.

Send MAC address by email to [email protected] to activate your starter or
when you request a trial account

Inside a channel:
Magnifying Glass: Can change language / subtitle (if available in the channel) or activate 3D
MENU: Press the Aspect Ratio to change the aspect ratio such as 4: 3, 16: 9 etc.
Gear: Opens TVIP System Settings
The button at the bottom left: Can also change the Aspect Ratio of a channel